Syringoma Home Remedies, Causes, Symptoms, Treatments, and Prevention

This article will make your life easier and safer when you are learning how to get rid of syringomas symptoms at home.

After reading this, you ought to be able to go and buy all ingredients yourself and deal with your syringoma.

However, it is the best to seek specialist advice because all of the effective remedies for syringoma relief need some degree of epidermal “ablation”.

To start, you should know some basic information about this benign skin lesion.

1. What are Syringomas?

Syringomas, small benign tumors, are often found on the upper cheeks and lower eyelids. Also, they can found on the abdomen, chest and genitals as well. Despite it can happen at any age, it commonly develops in young adults, who are experiencing puberty.

Basically, syringoma is a non-cancerous bump, which is harmless and caused by the over-development of cells from the sweat glands (eccrine glands).

In regard to appearance, a syringoma is a skin yellowish or colored firm rounded bump, which is from 1 to 3 mm in diameter. They are common in women than men. Eruptive syringomas usually appear abruptly in the adult life, as a crop on various lesions on the lower abdomen or chest. The majority of people with eruptive syringomas are dark skinned and Asian.

Sometimes, syringomas are confused with the condition of xanthelasma (which are cholesterol deposits on the eyelids), basal cell skin cancer or trichoepitheliomas.

2. What are Causes of Syringomas?

Until now, the precise causes of syringomas are still vague; however, most people think that it is related to genetics.

Generally, syringomas could be caused by the activities increasing the productivity of sweat glands. As a result, it might result in tumor growth.

Besides, some conditions impact the sweat glands might increase your likelihood of developing syringomas. Not to mention genetics, they include Down syndrome, Marfan’s syndrome, diabetes mellitus, and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

3. What are Signs and Symptoms of Syringomas?

Oftentimes, syringomas appear as small bumps growing from 1-3 mm and either flesh-colored or yellowish. Typically, they happen in symmetrical clusters on the body or face.

For some people, eruptive syringomas – a less common form of syringomas, are found on the abdomen and chest. They are not painful and itchy at all and often asymptomatic.

Despite syringomas are not dangerous and may not put your life at risk, they prevent you from feeling confident upon communicating with other people, especially when you are a woman. Thus, people always look for methods on how to get rid of syringomas and many of them use laser treatments.

Nevertheless, before going for such expensive method, you had better consider using natural ingredients to create home-made solutions for syringomas.

4. How to get rid of Syringomas

The followings are easy but effective tips on how to get rid of syringomas naturally.

Aloe Vera

Are you any aloe vera tree in your garden? If yes, you have found a great solution for your syringomas. This natural ingredient is highly effective in fighting against symptoms of syringomas thanks to the vitamins available in this plant. Besides, it is also good for reducing wrinkles and fine lines as well.
Just apply the gel extracted from fresh aloe vera leaves over your affected area. After 15 minutes, rinse it off with tepid water.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Due to acidic nature, apple cider vinegar has exceptional benefits of removing bumps caused by syringomas. Besides, the large content of antioxidant available in ACV can naturally repair different types of skin damage.

To make use of apple cider vinegar for syringomas, soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar. Then, gently rub it over your affected skin areas twice per day for at least one week.

Lemon Juice

When it comes to tips on how to get rid of syringomas, many people suggest using lemon juice, but some others worry that it may damage their skin due to the acidity of lemon. But, the fact is, the acidity of lemon juice makes it a good remedy for many kinds of skin issues, including syringomas. Not only that, vitamin C in lemon juice also soothes the skin and decrease the appearance of scars.


This popular spice in most kitchens is also used to treat syringomas. Among benefits of garlic regarding medicinal characteristics, one of the most appreciated is the ability to discolor the affected. In garlic, there are some enzymes that can break down the forming process of syringomas.

  • Take some garlic cloves to crush into a paste
  • Apply the paste over your affected skin, use an adhesive tape to cover it up
  • Use this treatment prior to your bedtime and leave it there overnight so that your body will have enough time to absorb its nutrients

Pineapple Juice

Among homemade tips on how to get rid of syringomas, pineapple juice is super amazing. Pineapple juice is able to lighten the affected skin areas and making their color become similar to that of others.
You can consume a few cups of pineapple juice every day to take advantage of it.
Alternatively, dip a clean cotton ball or dab in pineapple juice and apply it over your syringoma sites. Allow it to dry naturally. In no time, you will see noticeable results.

Almond Oil And Castor Oil

Castor oil is sometimes used as a discutient as it can prevent the expansion of syringomas to other skin areas. Also, it limits the formation of scars.

Put a few drops of castor oil onto your affected skin 2 times per day to get good results. If possible, you can also combine baking soda with castor oil for maximum results.

Another way is to make use of almond oil, which should be massaged onto your skin to maximize its effects.


Among tips on how to get rid of syringomas, flaxseed oil is considered one of the best. With softening effects and moisture property, flaxseed oil can soften your affected areas and make syringomas fall off naturally.

Take a small amount of flaxseeds to grind into powder. Add some drops of honey into and rub the mixture over the area where there are syringomas for a few hours. Do it twice or thrice per day.
This treatment just takes from you a few minutes daily, but the effect is incredible.


You can use sandalwood in the attempts of learning how to get rid of syringomas and other skin disorders. Not only does it lighten blemish, but it also eliminates scars.
Just simply mix several spoons of powdered sandalwood with a small amount of rose water. Rub the combination over your affected skin.


Another common home treatment for syringomas is iodine. It can kill the damaged skin cells naturally while stimulating healthy, new skin cell growth. Thus, it minimizes the formation of scars. It is recommended using 5% iodine solution.

Rub a drop of it over your affected skin a few times per week so that you can shorten your treating process.

Stay Away From Salty Foods

Do not consume salty foods if you want to get know how to get rid of syringomas naturally. The excess salt will worsen your condition and enable syringomas to develop and expand to other skin areas.
Besides, salty foods are harmful for your stomach as well as liver.

5. Prevention

In fact, there is no 100% guaranteed way to prevent syringomas. However, at least, you can still take control of your skin on a regular basis and have a consultation with a professional dermatologist when you notice initial signs of syringomas on your skin.

Some factors like allergic skin rashes or exposure to the sun might aggravate your current condition and result in an outbreak of syringomas. In order to cope with this, you need to wear sunscreen upon going outdoors. Besides, apply other preventative measure below to reduce your risk of getting syringomas:

  • Regularly check your blood sugar and blood pressure
  • Plan a healthy balanced diet containing foods high in vitamins and antioxidants to make sure you have healthy skin
  • Do not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes
  • Practice good hygiene habits and skin care routines. Stay away from products having additives and chemicals that may damage your skin more
  • Exercise regularly to increase your metabolism as well as boost your overall health
  • Do not pick or scratch at your syringoma areas because this may scar or bruise your skin
  • Wash your skin carefully to avoid spreading this issue to other skin areas. Despite washing your skin regularly could not bring instant results in your process of treating syringomas, it is still important to do daily in order to make the home treatments above take effects.

In a nutshell, syringoma is not a serious health condition because there is no real health threat associated with this issue.

Depending on your view towards the condition, you might not like how it looks or it might make your unconfident or self-conscious; nonetheless, with the homemade natural tips on how to get rid of syringomas we have introduced above, you should be able to treat this condition quickly and move on with your life.

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