Best Lazarus Naturals Reviews 2020: Top Picks & Comprehensive Guide

With a huge demand for CBD products in 2014, a lot of companies created their very own hemp-based product, however, few succeeded in the process. While Hemp-based products started to grow and raise, a company called Lazarus Naturals took the opportunity to make sure it’s customers are satisfied.

What is Lazarus Naturals?

Lazarus Naturals is an American based company that started in 2014. With the rise of hemp-based products in the market, Lazarus Naturals offered a surprisingly good discount towards veterans and those in need.

In November 2019 the FDA warned Lazarus naturals due to illegal marketing practices and illegal practices as FDA laws require posting customer reviews, something that Lazarus Naturals is not doing.

After January 2020 Lazarus Naturals released a statement that says they pay their employees $20 hourly which is well above the Oregon and Washington state minimum wage. Lazarus Naturals also provided hand sanitizers to food banks and homeless shelters during the COVID-19 pandemic in addition to donating a huge part of their profit for epileptic patients.

Lazarus Naturals is an employee-owned company that offers a wide array of products that provide users with open lab results and third party results, In addition to that, each product has a unique QR code that explains information about their own batch. The company is always mentioned by news regarding their transparency about their products.

They are also known for their Assistance programs wherein they provide a 60% discount on veterans, disabled, and low-income earners provided they give appropriate documents like tax returns, military service records, and a signed letter from a doctor, hospital, or government agency stating long-term or permanent disability.

Buying Lazarus Naturals CBD products online is also easy, the company proudly offers free shipping from Portland, Oregon, and gives free shipping via USPS first class mail. If you want to receive your product faster, you can choose the Next day saver, Next day air, or 2-day air via UPS.


  • They have a huge range of products; varying from THC-free CBD tinctures and capsules to isolates and massaging oils. They even offer tinctures safe for your pets.
  • Their THC-free tinctures won’t show up on drug tests which allows you to continue usage and enjoy the benefits of the CBD oil without having to fear resulting positive on your test.
  • Offers assistance program to veterans, disabled and low-income earners
  • Open laboratory results (Both in-house lab and third party lab)
  • Employee-owned company
  • Offers same-day delivery for your convenience.
  • Safeguarded by cGMP regulations.
  • Available in stores nationwide (You can see it by looking at the store locator)


  • Refunds are allocated on a case-to-case basis, which means that there’s no money-back guarantee.
  • Includes  pesticides to their products
  • Free shipping only applies to the continental USA and you cannot get free shipping internationally.

Product Reviews

With a wide range of full-spectrum products, Lazarus Naturals has been dominating the market by providing reasonable prices and bundle kits, apart from that they also offer affiliate programs and accept re-sellers of their products. Today, their products can be seen in stores all over the United States.

CBD Tincture

CBD Tinctures are probably one of the best sellers of Lazarus Naturals, their high potency CBD tincture contains 50mg of CBD every 1ml of liquid, it is also gluten-free, vegan, and branded as all-natural.

High potency tinctures produced by Lazarus Naturals are offered in different sizes. You can choose and pick between 750, 3000, and 6000mg. With a variety of delightful flavors such as chocolate mint, french vanilla, blood orange, unflavored, wintermint, and their new strawberry hibiscus. Each capsule contains full-spectrum hemp extract and crystalline isolate, which means that they contain as much CBD as an industrial hemp.

All tincture variants are available in 15 ml bottles for only $24.00, and 60 ml bottles for $70.00. High potency CBD tinctures in flavors chocolate mint, and french vanilla are also available in 120 ml bottles for $120.00. All of these tinctures are THC-free.

Lazarus Naturals also offers you a Sampler Pack that includes three (3) 0.5 oz bottles of CBD tinctures for only $78.00. It’s perfect for those who can’t decide on which flavor to choose because the Sampler Pack also includes three flavors, blood orange, wintermint, and strawberry hibiscus.

CBD Capsules

This full-spectrum product will provide you the best value of serving among Lazarus Naturals products as they could be quite enjoyed by those who travel a lot and those people who don’t like the taste of tinctures. Capsules also allow you to control the dosage you are taking since its already measured for you.

For only $18.00, the 10 capsule bottle has 250mg, the 40 capsule bottle has 1000mg, and the 200 capsule bottle has 5000mg worth of CBD. Each capsule offers 25mg but you have the option to choose from 10mg to 50mg formats. They also have 40 capsule bottle for only $50.00, and a 200 capsule bottle for $200.00.

It doesn’t stop there. They also offer a Day and Night Sample package which includes 2 variants of CBD capsule; the Energy Blend capsules, perfect for daytime activities, and the Relaxation Blend capsules which is perfect for a good night rest. It also includes a CBD infused calming balm and all that for only $30.00.

CBD Isolates

Isolates made by Lazarus Naturals are offered in four different flavors, original, valencia orange, lemon-lime, and Hawaiian citrus. This terpene-infused CBD isolate and the pesticide-free product has a minimum guaranteed 96% of CBD infused in it.

Isolates are available in 5, 20, 50, 100, 200, and can be up to 19000mg which is vegan friendly and THC free. Prices start with $18 a gram to $750 per 200 grams.

These Isolates also come in two varieties, you can either purchase raw or terpene infused CBD all with rich flavors to choose from.

Pet Tinctures

Pet tinctures made by Lazarus Naturals are truly one of a kind, this Pet tincture is Made with full-spectrum CBD and coconut oil has three kinds of tinctures,  sensitive pet, wild salmon flavored, and calming tincture.

This pet tincture is available in 300, 1200, and 2400mg. This product also has a low amount of tinctures that is much suitable for pets, take note that 1ml contains 20mg of CBD.

Pet tinctures come in three (3) variants. First of all is the Sensitive Pet CBD oil tincture which is specially formulated for your pet cats, rabbits, and small breed of dogs. There’s also the Calming Pet CBD oil tincture which helps support the health of your beloved pets. Lastly, we have the Wild Salmon Flavored Calming CBD oil tincture which is not only tasty for your pets, it is also loaded with Omega-3, which is good for your pets’ heart, immune system, and gives them healthier skin and coat. All pet tinctures come in 15ml, 60 ml, and 120 ml bottles with prices ranging from $12.00 to $60.00.

You can also visit Lazarus Naturals’ website if you want to know how much CBD oil to give to your pets or consult your veterinarian.


Over the past few years, we have seen I rise on hemp-based companies and unlike any other companies, Lazarus Naturals considers itself different because of their products that are vegan, gluten-free, and all-natural.

the best product that we recommend is the CBD capsules that Lazarus Naturals offer, they’re good when traveling and good to use when you don’t like the taste of tinctures, It also provides good health benefits to those who suffer from insomnia like me.

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